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Vidmex is a multimedia tool that lets you easily play movie clips and music, edit video/audio files, convert video with effects, extract audio or video fragments, mix, split or merge multimedia files. Vidmex allows to extract images from films, video fragments, musical fragments from video clips and sound fragments from audio files. You can merge video fragments, merge audio fragments, mix video/audio, apply effects in real-time and add your logo into video clips.

Vidmex Wizard simplifies usage of complex video processing. Now, when you watch a movie, you can mark start/end positions of the necessary fragment and quickly receive qualitative AVI - video fragment from film, audio fragment or single image. You can split large media files into several parts by using extraction function.

Vidmex allows to add your own logo, any image or animation (BMP, JPEG, Animated GIF, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV etc.) inside a video fragment. Also, you can add small video inside another large video to achieve movie-in-movie (picture-in-picture) effect.

When you listen to music you can extract audio fragments, or quickly merge several musical fragments from many audio files and even mix these fragments. You can quickly make your own video clip, trailer, slideshow or presentation by joining video fragments from many video files.

It is possible to configure video compressors (such as Frame Rate, Quality, Key Frame Rate and also standard settings). Also, quality of extracted audio information can be changed (Frequency, Bitrate and Number of Channels).

Vidmex can be used for recompression purposes. For example, you can recompress your movies with minimized size of file or with maximized quality, by changing size of image or by using more powerful codec. You can recompress your music, any sound with more suitable audio compressor or by changing output quality parameters.

It's possible to add subtitles to film or to apply effects to the extracted video: brightness, contrast, hue, color balance, blur, sharpen, smooth, zoom, emboss, invert, grayscale.

Vidmex has very convenient and beautiful interface reminding WinAmp, playlist support, means of manipulation with interface, global hot keys, skins. You can also adjust video parameters, configure filters, choose output audio device.

Vidmex enables to perform complex video operations using very simple user interface. This is a merge of qualities of convenient player with mechanisms of professional software of processing video streams. This is a powerful, easy to use, highly interactive media player, which can be used instead of standard Windows Media Player.

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      Version 1.39

Windows 7 and Windows Vista are supported using powerful Windows7 Codec Package and Vista Codec Package;

Issues of stability of video encoding has been corrected;

Full compatibility with new FFDSHOW video codec for AVI (ISO MPEG4, XviD, DivX3, H264, H264 lossless, Lossless JPEG, HuffYUV, Theora, H261, H263, H263+);

External high-quality MP3 encoder from is supported;

Version 1.38

Media processing with XviD has been improved;

Unsupported audio parameters has been removed (relates to continuity of video encoding);

Algorithm for processing of subtitles has been corrected;

List of MP3 codec parameters for video/audio operations has been improved;

Issue of compatibility with DivX Pro 6.5 Codec has been resolved successfully.

Version 1.35

Significantly improved the quality of video playback;

Full compatibility of mp3 files, uncompressed pcm wav files with MP3/CD players;

Increased speed of search/sorting in Playlist;

Improved video window resize functionality (no more black borders);

Improved function of image extraction from mpeg2;

Corrected logo view in Vidmex Wizard;

Improved compatibility of FAST MODE with FFDSHOW;

Improved video stream identification function for mpeg2 files;

Improved compatibility of the audio component;

Version 1.30

Added possibility to mark fragments very precisely (in milliseconds);

Added video effects functions: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, intensity, color balance, blur, sharpen, smooth, flipping, zooming, positioning, emboss, invert, grayscale;

Possibility to apply effects in two modes: during video playback and during video encoding (extracting, mixing, converting);

Improved video extraction functionality (better quality of recompression);

Improved user interface significantly (modern shaped skins, docking windows);

Added full-featured subtitles support (positioning, alignment, font, size, style, antialiasing, bordering, color, transparency, bar, time shifting, possibility to encode/extract video with subtitles);

Improved playlist (added possibility to choose playback range, M3U/PLS formats supported, copying, sorting, items dragging, quick searching functions, menu, hot keys);

Possibility to configure filters and to check Video and Audio streams information (Media Properties);

Added aspect ratio function (for window resizing and for using in fullscreen mode);

Possibility to choose output audio device;

Extended Fullscreen mode functionality (autohiding cursor, prevention of screensaver, configuration of screen resolution and frequency, controls);

Increased stability (the program has been completely rewritten);

Vidmex Wizard integrated with Playlist;

Possibility to use global hot keys from within ANY windows application (for instant control of volume level, changing tracks/files, rewind and many more).

 I don't need many stand alone applications, such as DivX / AVI / MPEG joiners, video splitters, mp3 joiners or complicated video transcoding software. Vidmex combines all these features. Good work!  -- Dmitry N.

 Very user friendly program.  -- Diane W.

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