Enhance the extracted video with smooth, sharpen, blur, brightness, saturation effects

Vidmex makes it easy to enhance your videos with useful effects.

Do you have a poor-quality mpeg-4 (XviD, DivX) or mpeg-2 (from CABLE TV, SAT TV, DVD) movies? Do you need to adjust brightness and contrast? Maybe your video records are out of balance and blurred? No problem! With Vidmex, you can easily enhance video quality by yourself!

1. You can take any video file, and to apply video effects ( you can watch it in real time, effects can be adjusted during video playback ).
2. After that, you can extract the whole file or just a necessary video fragment with effects.

In other words, Vidmex allows to preserve the original video file and to save video with effects as a new file.

Just follow these easy instructions to get impressive results:

Step 1

Download and install MP3 Encoder:    
Launch Vidmex. Open any video file.

Vidmex supports the following formats:

Next, click the Effect Controls button.

Step 2

Choose "Hue/Saturation"

Make your videos more beautiful by increasing the Saturation level:

Original pale colors:After increasing the saturation,
you will get bright attractive
video with vivid colors!

Pale colors:Amazing vivid colors!
(increased saturation)

The Intensity effect allows to make an amazing adjustment of light conditions.

Original video:
a girl in the shadow:
After increasing the intensity
level, there's more sunlight !

Original video:
a man sleeping in
the shadows of trees
The Intensity level has been
increased, and the shadow
is replaced by bright colors
Decreased Intensity, increased
Red color from the Color Balance,
and it's an evening now !

Choose "Image Correction"

The sharpening effect can help bring into focus a blurry video to improve its clarity. It is applied to the video as you move the "Sharpen" slider bar. The effect is quite impressive. Sharpening is the process of emphasizing tiny edge details, making the video appear to be more sharply focused.

Apply Vidmex Sharpen effect by simply dragging the slider bar to the right:

Blurred video, before applying
Sharpening effect:
After applying
Sharpening effect:

The Smooth effect allows you to improve people's faces appearing in videos to smooth out their skins. Yes, just like how models are edited in magazines! And it can be done with dynamic video.

It's easy to do: increase the Smooth level ( drag appropriate slider bar to the right ) and enjoy.

Original video:After applying Smooth effect:

The Blur effect is very efficient illusion you can create with Vidmex, and it is quite simple. Typically, Blur is used to get rid of stray pixel noise, square blocks, video artifacts (some unwanted video elements could appear after zooming in on a video). Blur fixes these problems without visibly compromising the video quality.

Try to zoom in on a specific area of any video (click Effect Controls -> Zoom/Flip -> Zoom In).

Original video:

When you zoom in on a video what happens is each pixel on video frame is represented as a square block of pixels on the display. So on a 200% zoomed video you see each pixel as a block of 2x2 display pixels on your screen. This makes the image appear larger, but it also makes the pixels themselves more visible. Such video is not very presentable. So, in order to improve quality of zoomed video, you can use the Blur effect. Click Blur or Blur x 2 button.

Zoomed video:Zoomed video with blur effect:

Choose "Brightness/Contrast"

What can you do if your video is so dark it doesn't seem to be usable? Take a look at the challenge. It's hard to believe you can restore such a very dark video. And you can see a pretty dramatic changes before and after applying Vidmex effects. How to achieve such a great improvement? The answer is: to adjust Contrast & Intensity simultaneously:

Maximally increase the Contrast level by dragging the slider bar to the left. Also, slightly increase the Brightness.
After that, maximally increase the Intensity level from Hue/Saturation section. Download test.avi file, open it using Vidmex and see this unbelievable result.
In order to see original dark video, you can reset effect changes by clicking the Reset button in the left corner of the Effects Controls for each section, and then re-open video file again.

Original test.avi video:Fantastic video improvement,
using Contrast and Intensity:

Step 3

Finally, after you have selected effects, click the BEGIN / END buttons, and in Vidmex Wizard click the "Video Fragment" button to extract necessary video fragment with effects.

You can also extract/convert the whole file with video effects. In this case, just select a video file in Playlist and click "Extract Video" from the Operation menu.

Next, enter filename. Choose path, where file must be saved:

Select audio and video codecs:

Click next, and accept video codec settings.

Wait several minutes (or hours) while the video file with effects is being created.


You have extracted video with effects.