Add subtitles to movie
With Vidmex, you can insert subtitles into video files, that will appear on ANY video player, even on the stand-alone DVD/XviD player. Vidmex allows to recompress the whole file and to add subtitles as a part of the video (to encode subtitles together with video).

Step 1

Download and install MP3 Encoder:    
Let's suppose, you have downloaded interesting XviD movie file from Internet or have recorded a movie from TV, DVB Cable/Satellite TV. For example, the movie name is "The Island.mpg".

Tip: In order to decode MPEG2 format (.mpg files), download and install MPEG2 Decoder (see Codecs section).

Step 2

Now, you've decided to add foreign subtitles (french language).

Where to find subtitles? There are several sources on the web, where you can download subtitles for free. Here's the list of the best sites:

   Subbiee Search



   DivX Subtitles (free registration is required)

Enter search keywords (for example, "The Island") and download subtitles.

Unpack downloaded zip file.

Vidmex supports almost all popular subtitles formats (some of them in experimental mode). The most common subtitles formats are SubRip .SRT and MicroDVD .SUB. In our example we will use .SRT format (filename "The Island - French (29,970FPS).srt ").

Now, you have both the movie file and the subtitles file. Let's combine them together using Vidmex.

Tip: before using subtitles in foreign language (non-english), you must configure your Operating System appropriately.
If your Operating System is Windows XP, then click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. If there is a button on the left side pane that says "Switch to Classic View", click it. In the "Control Panel" window, double click on "Regional and Language Settings". On the Advanced tab, under Language for non-Unicode programs, select your language of choice -- French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German etc. Click OK and reboot computer.
If your Operating System is Windows 7, then click Start -> Control Panel. In the "Control Panel" window, click on "Change display language" under "Clock, Language, and Region". On the "Administrative" tab, under Language for non-Unicode programs, select your language of choice, click "Change system locale..." -- French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German etc. Click OK and reboot computer.

Step 3

Launch Vidmex. Click the "Open" button. An explorer window will appear. Locate the folder with your movie. Select the video file (for example, "The Island.mpg") and open it. Press Play button.

Step 4

Click the "Load Subtitles" button as shown below. Locate the folder with your subtitles. Select the subtitles file (for example, "The Island - French (29,970FPS).srt") and open it. Subtitles are loaded.

Tip: subtitles are loaded automatically, when the file name of subtitles is the same as the file name of movie. (For example, movie file name: "The Island.mpg", subtitles file name "The")

Now, try to change position of slider bar by holding left mouse button while dragging mouse cursor. Also, combinations of hot keys ( Alt+Right Arrow and Alt+Left Arrow ) can be used to change position of currently playing file.

Subtitles must appear on the bottom part of the screen.

Step 5

If you see that the subtitles are synchronized with the movie (approximately in the beginning and in the end of video file ), then you can go directly to the Step 6.

If the text of subtitles doesn't correspond to current events of movie then you must adjust subtitles settings. Click the "Effect Controls" button, and select the "Subtitles Shape" tab. Here you can change not only colors, fonts, size and transparency, but also important parameters: Time Shift and Multiplier.

By using Time Shift parameter you can add or subtract specified amount of seconds to synchronize subtitles and video in real-time (while you're watching the movie). If time shift is more than 300 seconds, then just enter numbers at the right part of the slider.

Multiplier parameter is used when you encounter gradual loss of synchronization. It's the situation when subtitles are synchronized only in the beginning of the video file -- the synchronization between video and subtitles is slowly changing during playback. Why can it happen?

The first cause (for SubRip SRT time-based subtitles format):

NTSC is used for television in the US, which is 29.976 frames per second (fps). European PAL tv runs at 25 fps. To transfer the 24fps film to 29.976 NTSC, every fourth frame is divided into two seperate frames to create a fifth frame, causing an "interlaced", or combining pattern on the two new frames. It's ok. But, to transfer 24fps film to 25fps PAL, a very different process is used. The film is sped-up to 25 frames per second, and the video/audio is altered for pitch and tone. There's the problem. Subtitles may be optimized for the original 24fps movie, but if your movie was transfered to 25fps, then you will encounter gradual loss of subtitles synchronization. That's why there's [24/25] button in Effect Settings - Subtitles Shape. Just click [24/25] button if you have this problem with SRT subtitles.

The second cause (for MicroDVD .SUB frame-based subtitles format):

The problem is in MicroDVD .SUB format, because frame numbers are used instead of time to determine when to show the next subtitle. Movies are often encoded at 24fps, 25fps, 29.976fps, 23.976fps. If the frame rate of your movie file doesn't match the frame rate of the video file which was used to create the subtitles, then you must calculate multiplier, and adjust the settings manually. There's no quick fix/magic button as in previous case, so we highly recommend to use time-based subtitles formats (such as SRT, SSA, SubViewer .SUB, TXT, SMI, RT).

In our example (with SRT subtitles for "The Island" movie), the time was shifted by +9 seconds, and the synchronization issue was successfully solved using the [24/25] button.

Step 6

Select the video file in Playlist and click on Menu: Operation -> Extract Video.

After that, enter the name of file and choose the folder where this file must be saved. Click Next.

Choose audio codec. We recommend to use MP3 Encoder or ADPCM, Windows Media Audio V2.
Click Next.

Choose video codec. We recommend to use XviD.
Click Next.

Accept video codec parameters. Wait several minutes (or hours) while video file with subtitles is being created.


Here is an image from "The Island" movie with french subtitles: