Merge any video files

Let's suppose you have many MPEG and AVI video clips and you want to merge them. Vidmex software will let you merge any video files and save them as one big continuous file.

Here's the list of supported input video formats:

Vidmex supports any video formats. The only requirement: you must download and install appropriate video codecs (see Codecs web page).

In this tutorial we will show you how to merge 2 different video clips:

Fear Factory - Edgecrusher.mpg
The Crystal Method - Keep hope alive.avi

Step 1

Download and install MP3 Encoder:    
Add video files into Vidmex Playlist using File -> Add File(s)... menu (or press L hot key).

Click Edit -> Select All. Or press Ctrl+A.

Step 2

Merge video. Next, click on menu Operation -> Merge Video. Vidmex Wizard window will pop up.

Enter new filename (for example: big_clip), choose path where file will be saved and then press Next button.

Apply default compressors (XviD and MP3). Although DV and Windows Media Audio may be used as well.

Finally, press Next and wait several minutes.

AVI and MPEG files will be joined and saved as independent AVI file.