Add music to your personal video records. Mix video file with your favorite songs.

Imagine, that you have recorded a video during holidays with friends or relatives (captured from digital camera for example), and now you want to add audio mix of your favorite songs to this video file.

In this tutorial we will explain how to join several music files and how to mix audio with video.

Step 1

Download and install MP3 Encoder:    
Add music files into playlist. Load your favorite songs in Vidmex playlist. Click menu File -> Add File(s)... or just press L hot key. By holding shift choose several audio files and press Open. Selected files will be added into Playlist.

Step 2

Select music files and start the operation of audio merging. In order to select all files in playlist click menu Edit -> Select All or use standard Ctrl+A hot key. After that, click Operation -> Merge Audio (Shift+A). In Vidmex Wizard enter filename, choose destination folder and click Next.

Step 3

Choose audio compressor and audio quality. Microsoft ADPCM is a good audio codec for intermediate operations. Leave all audio parameters unchanged (source quality is used by default). Press Extract.

Wait several minutes and your soundtrack audio_mix.wav will be saved.

Step 4

Add your video file and prepared sound track into playlist. Next, we will mix your custom video file my_birthday.avi with prepared soundtrack audio_mix.wav. First of all, click playlist menu File -> Add File(s)... (hot key: L). Select recently created audio mix and also select your video file (hold Ctrl key in order to choose several files at once). Press Open: both audio and video will be added in Vidmex Playlist.

Step 5

Start the operation of mixing audio with video. Select two files by using Ctrl+A hot key or click Edit -> Select All. Next, click menu Operation -> Mix Audio/Video. Vidmex Wizard window will appear - you must enter filename and choose directory where your file will be saved.

Step 6

Choose audio compressor. Choose MP3 Encoder, ADPCM or Windows Media Audio. Leave audio parameters unchanged: the best audio quality among two files is determined by default.

Step 7

Choose video compressor. XviD is highly recommended. Though, DV or MJPEG can be used as well.

Press Next, choose video codec parameters, and, finally press OK.

Wait several minutes (or even hours). It depends on the CPU frequency of your machine.

After that, open and watch your video file. In this example it is my_birthday_with_music.avi.